Taking Smart Air Conditioning To A New Level

Open doors to an incredible air conditioning solution for your home by Dakin – VRV Home, that replaces multiple outdoor units of your house with a single outdoor unit. With its sleek design and the promise of the ‘Daikin advantage,’ the VRV system is highly energy-efficient and suits the consumers’ design needs. From its quiet and efficient Swing Compressor to unmatched Design Flexibility, and best-in-class Comfort, the VRV air conditioning system

lets you experience the style, power, and flexibility of Daikin’s next-gen air conditioning system. Replacing all outdoor units of your home with just a single unit, in the VRV system, the variants of indoor units like duct type and hi-wall can be connected to just one outdoor unit, giving more space to utilize with décor and furniture. This makes the system ideal for a modern residential central air conditioning system.

Featuring mobile control technology to match the needs of the tech-savvy, modern users, the VRV system lets the users adjust temperature settings for each part of the airconditioned space with just a touch of a button on your cell phones. You search for the best central air conditioning system for your home ends here.


VRV Home replaces all the outdoor units of the house with just one outdoor unit where different styles of indoor units like duct type and hi-wall can be connected with a single outdoor unit.

The trunk-shaped outdoor unit can be easily be installed on a balcony, realizing complete system installation within each floor. While the compact outdoor unit can be hanged on the wall eliminating need for floor space, which enables more useful utilisation of the space on the building rooftop.

Heat Pump Series
Capacity Range 4 HP (11.2 kW) 5 HP (14.0 kW) 6 HP (16 kW)
Cooling Only Series
Capacity Range 4 HP (11.2 kW) 5 HP (14.0 kW) 6 HP (16 kW)


Daikin innovated Next Generation of Quality and Efficiency for VRV Installation. It offers differentiated solutions in installation. It ensures quality installation with reduction of site work.

  • Installation time saving: Up to 1 /3 of conventional method
  • Easy to Install: Hanging points available
  • Safety: Consists of flaring method, no brazing required
  • Quality Installation: Elimination of difficult process, enhancing quality Installation
Header Pack Line-UP
Model Name HP Piping connections (Liquid/Gas mm)
Outdoor unit side Indoor unit side
BHF6RHP6 4/5/6 9.5/15.9 (9.5/ 15.9)x1


Connect your smartphone to your Daikin Air Conditioner and control it from anywhere. Daikin Smart Control SVM Series of Air Conditioners lets you enjoy the luxury of centralized air conditioning by controlling it from anywhere. Whether you’re on you way to home on a hot day, or forgot to turn off the AC, Smart Control keeps your life worry-free.

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